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Zafira Dance Company
World Fusion Bellydance

Zafira Dance Company fuses bellydance with ethnic dances from around the world.

With a basis in Egyptian and Turkish style bellydance, Zafira draws movements from North African, Central Asian and Middle Eastern cultures to create a unique and dynamic dance form.

Zafira's strong stage presence combined with complex choreographies and
layered improvisations entrance and astound audiences.

In the spring of 2001- Christine Hamer, Olivia Kissel, Maria Hamer and Tamara Nelson formed Zafira Dance Company. These four dancers have been performing together professionally since 1996 in venues ranging from intimate settings to full scale theater productions.

You may have seen Zafira at the Meeting of the Tribes Dance Festival in Hollywood Florida, Tribal Fest (Tribal Dance Festival) in Sebastapol California or as featured dancers on the video Turku Live at the Newberry Opera House.

Presently, members of Zafira perform and teach in the greater Pittsburgh area and throughout the United States.

Click on the "Meet Zafira" page for bios.

Photo by Rob Long

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