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Dancers & Troupes

Aisha Ali

Atesh-Anthea/Kawakib/Atesh's Dance Page (Virginia) -- a little bit of everything -- dance, costuming, teaching, SCA...


Bal Anat- Oakland, CA

Baraka- San Francisco, CA

Baraka Mundi

Eva Cernik-
FatChanceBellydance- American Tribal Style troupe, San Francisco
Gypsy Caravan- Paulette & company -- American Tribal Style troupe, Portland, OR

Hahbi' Ru- San Francisco, CA

Jamila Salimpour- Oakland, CA

Light of the Desert Performing Arts Group


Kajira Djoumahna's Black Sheep Bellydance Sonoma County, CA

Maja- girl from the Nile- Hollywood, FL

Morocco - A dancer from NYC with a strong sense of the traditional roots of Middle Eastern dance.

Kimberly/Narah's Page -- pictures and info about classes in Morgantown, WV.

Rakadu Gypsy Dance - a tribal/fusion group from Kentucky -- very, very fun people! They now have studio space and have organized a bunch of classes -- check them out if you're in that area!

Romani Dance:

Read My Hips:

Silk Road Dance Company, Laural Vic. Gray-

Suhaila- Oakland, CA

Sulukule Travelers

Suzanna del Vecchio-

Tribe Badir- San Jose, CA -- Miranda von Stockhausen & company-- Middle Eastern Folkloric/Tribal Fusion. Good friends and nice web site! They sell great Bedouin Tents.

Ultra Gypsy- Jill Parker and company -- Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, San Francisco

Urban Tribal Dance- San Diego, CA --

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"Belly Dance" Resources

Asim's List of Middle Eastern Dance Links

Shira's nuggets of info on Middle Eastern dance, zills, names, lyrics, links, etc... An excellent bunch of information -- Check it out!

Zaghareet dance magazine- Zaghareet P.O. Box 1809 Elizabeth City, NC 27906-1809

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Musicians and Organizations

Turku - Eurasian Folk Group -- We are currently working with Turku on a new video (out soon). We also appeared as guest dancers on their first video "Nomads of the Silk Road.  Check out their web page for audio clips and slide

La Notte -- Home of our friends Nevik and Paul Ash: "The Hurdy Gurdy Guy" -- recreating period European music (especially music that was inspired by Moorish Spain).

Sorocco -- Wonderful musicians, even better people:

Supplies and Stuff

Amera's Palace - Costuming, accessories

Future of Tradition Center for the Folkloric Arts

Karadenis's Notes for a class on drumming for accompanying Middle Eastern music.

Jas's Drum Page

Traditional Rhythms -- frame drums,dumbeks,African stuff

MidEast Manufacturing -- "The Ethnic Musical Instruments Co." -- hand drums and ethnic instruments of all sorts.

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